About this site

Autohackers was created in August 2022 in response to a greater perceived need to hack things that move. Hence we decided to build a local, diverse and inclusive, expanding community of people that want to hack things that move, and who care about making things more open, safer and sustainable.

We are starting with cars... because you tend to start with the things you have to hand. We aim to move onto other things that move...

  • Other vehicles - e.g. Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)... again, because we have one handy but also because we want to further the sustainability cause. (More on this theme in later posts.)
  • Drones / UAVs
  • Can anyone lend us a submarine? Or a shark with lasers?

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We aim to deliver relevant posts via this website but you can also find snippets via our Twitter handle @autohackers

Github is where we'll store things and stuff to widen the everyone's knowledge in related areas. https://github.com/autohackers